Deepening interaction with your target groups and their digital image.

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Omnichannel campaigns

Brand- and sales communication across all relevant channels. Synergetically integrated and efficiently interacting.

Digital product experiences

Turn your physical products into a 'tangible' digital experience. Discover the wide variety of applications.

Digital learning & development

Enabling immersive, experiential learning through a perfect mix of content, didactics, design and technology.

Digital shows & events

Take your events online. Digitize your trade fairs, gatherings, product presentations or sales events.

We create omnichannel communication experiences between innovative companies and their customers.


GROW is a network-independent agency that creates omnichannel communication experiences between innovative companies and their customers.

Here we go.

GROW increases brand‘s and product‘s awareness, knowledge and sales across all relevant channels, media and devices. Our experience, acquired over more than two decades, enables us to gain a deep understanding of the global markets and their particularities. This also includes the most important emerging markets.

Today GROW supports our customers in 29 countries all over the world.


Are they ad guys, webdesigners or creative app developers? Yes and no.

All of this describes part of our background. But our approach starts earlier and, admittedly, at a point that appears more uncomfortable for us. Namely right at your problem.

Classic approaches and categorizations often do not even properly bring these challenges, as we of course better call them, onto the radar. Above all, they cannot be addressed in a targeted manner. We are creative problem solvers. Our hand tools are a daily growing arsenal of different communication tools and channels. In our opinion, this creates a decisive additional perspective for examining communication processes from the ground up in order to make them more efficient and often more streamlined at the same time.

Some may call this digitization. Some may call it marketing transformation. For us that’s only part of the story.



We are happily proud of each and every one of our customers.

Great brands.
Amazing products.

In their mostly complex, highly innovative and extremely competitive markets, we work together to optimize a wide variety of communication processes in order to positively impact their value chain efficiently and sustainably.

It is not uncommon for us to bring customers together in order to bundle common goals and to address them even more effectively.
Our clientele consists mainly of large, internationally operating and mostly listed companies. That trained us on complex processes and distribution chains.

On the other hand, our customers seem to like the combination of a deep market understanding and the innovative strength and reactivity of an independent agency.


Technology-inspired solutions firmly anchored in the real world.

Yes, our way of thinking and solving tasks corresponds most closely to technology and the digital universe. However, we strongly believe that every digital measure must be be anchored with an even broader perspective.

All for the funnel.

Creative Strategy
& Comms

_Omnichannel Campaigns
_Brand Experiences
_Social Media Campaigns
_Campaign Strategy
_Content Development
_Creative Lead

Sales Support /
Dealer Channel Marketing

_Digital Sales Education
_Sales Incentives
_B2B2C Channel Support
_Commerce Platform Dev.
_Retail & Commerce Innovation

Experiential /
Virtual Events

_Virtual Tradeshows
_Digital Exhibitions
_Digital POS
_Digital Retail Concepts
_Virtual Brand Spaces
_Virtual Events

Social Media /
Influencer Marketing

_Social Media Strategy
_Social Media Campaigns
_Creative Lead
_Content Dev.
_Multiplyers Coordination


_CRM Strategy
_Omnichannel Customer Experience
_CRM Automation
_CRM Platform Development
_Loyalty & Program Management
_Account Based Marketing

Education, Motivation
& Knowledge Mgmt.

_Digital L&D Applications
_Strategy & Didactics
_AR Product / Process Simulations
_Digital Incentive Platforms

& Design

_Brand Purpose
_Brand Strategy & Positioning
_Brand Management
_Coprorate Design
_Brand & UX-Principles
_Web Design
_Employer Branding

Tech Consulting,
Activation & Development

_Technology Consulting
_Apps & Chatbot Development
_VR / AR Applications
_Digital Marketing Platforms
_Digital Commerce Platforms

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Olaf Peisen
Managing Partner (CEO)

Just the tip of an incredible team.

After his degree, a year in Mexico and a decade of successful work for for some of the biggest advertising budgets at top notch networks such as Publicis and WPP, Olaf’s vision of more efficient processes and closer links between uncompromising strategies and creative implementation emerged. That was the birth of GROW.

As managing director with creative background he is passionate about great creations, innovative communication solutions and conveys a consumer-like enthusiasm for all these breathtaking products and services distributed by our customers.

Let’s put it that way: he’s a professional consumer.

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We are strategic problem solvers. The way in which we solve challenges is always subject to communication-strategic aspects – expressly not to a communication channel or technology that is predetermined too early. That is why our solutions are often surprising. And surprisingly efficient.

Get us on board and let's plan together.