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Digital Product Emulation

The transfer of a product experience into a digital environment is becoming increasingly important. Not only because of the requirements of digitized sales processes, but also because of the often limited product availability in training environments. Even in showrooms, it is sometimes difficult to present configuration-dependent products in their entirety.

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In the aftersales area, too, there is a significant backlog in the digitization of user manuals and quick start guides as an important part of the customer experience. Confuration processes as well as service processes can thus be represented much better.

But we go further. Beyond the outer form, we focus on the important UI / UX specific features of the original. The aim is to create the most accurate possible representation of the product’s characteristics, including all of its important usage characteristics. The widespread use of touch devices allows us to reproduce a highly immersive product experience in many cases. You could say we are creating digital twins whose haptic user guidance and interactive logic cannot be distinguished from the actual product.

In the field of vehicle technology, vehicle infotainment and car audio, we have already been able to support many of the most important car manufacturers.

In addition, we are working on the presentation of complex service portfolios and their configuration options. A little more abstract.

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