Code of Conduct

Our reputation in terms of integrity and fair dealing is essential for our continued success. We have set out below our requirements and principles for cooperation with our business partners, these relate in particular to compliance with ethical standards, the applicable law and integrity. We expect our business partners to comply with and implement these principles.

Compliance with laws, regulations and provisions
We expect our business partners to exercise their business activities in compliance with the applicable law, e.g. anti-corruption law, data protection law, competition law, cartel law and environmental law. We expect them to ensure that these principles are complied with by the business partners they engage as part of the activity and that they select these business partners with the appropriate care.

We will not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery. Payment of advisors, agencies and other engaged intermediaries must not serve to provide business partners, customers or other third parties with inadmissible advantages.In conjunction with their activities, invitations from our business partners may only be accepted or offered if they are reasonable and are not made with the expectation of anything inadmissible in return or of other favour and do not violate applicable law (in particular anti-corruption laws). The same applies to accepting or offering gifts, other contributions or benefits of any kind. Our business partners tolerate no form of unlawful material or immaterial contributions (including any offer of them) to officials or comparable individuals (irrespective of whether directly or indirectly through third parties), political parties, their representatives or to elected representatives and candidates for political office. Donations from our business partners are only made on a voluntary basis and without any expectation of anything in return. Sponsoring of individuals, groups or organisations is not used for the purpose of gaining unlawful commercial advantage.

Fair competition
We are required always to act as a fair and responsible market participant and also to expect the same from our business partners. Our business partners comply with all relevant competition law requirements and avoid any actions which restrict or could restrict competition in an inadmissible manner.In particular, they do not come to any understandings or agreements which influence prices, terms, strategies or customer relationships, most importantly the participation in invitations to tender.

Commercial law standards
We offer equality of opportunity for all employees and do not discriminate against employees or candidates on the basis of race, religious affiliation, sex, citizenship, age, disability, pregnancy or similar conditions. In addition, sexual harassment of any kind is explicitly prohibited. We also expect these standards from our business partners. Our business partners strictly reject child labour and comply with all applicable provisions regarding the prohibition of child labour. In addition, our business partners do not tolerate any form of forced labour.All employees of our business partners receive a fair wage for their work which, at a minimum, corresponds to the statutory/collectively agreed or industry standard mini-mum wage (“Mindestlohngesetz”) or, alternatively, if no statutory or industry standard minimum wage exists, a wage which is sufficient to meet basic requirements.Working times correspond to the applicable national law, the industry standard or the relevant ILO conventions. Overtime must be carried out on a voluntary basis.The safety of people has the highest priority. In cooperation with their employees, our business partners ensure a safe working environment as well as the safety of their products and services.Our business partners comply with the environmental standards which apply to them and recognise the principles of sustainable commerce and environmental protection as business values. If products and services have a substantial influence on our energy consumption, the evaluation of and the decision for our suppliers and business partners is also based on their energy performance.

Confidential information
Our business partners safeguard the confidentiality of the information with which they are entrusted by us or our customers, also beyond the period of the contractual relationship.Our business partners respect all applicable laws for the protection of personal data, in particular that of employees, business partners and customers.

Accounting and recording
We expect honest and accurate accounting and recording of information from our business partners in order to be able to make responsible business decisions. TransparencyCommissions, fees or other benefits which are not insignificant and are granted to our business partners as part of their activities for us must be disclosed to us without delay.Implementation and applicationOur business partners make their employees aware of this code of conduct in an appropriate way and at fixed intervals and they ensure that it is complied with. If non-compliance is determined, the business partner is obliged to implement suitable remedial measures. In the case of serious violations (in particular if crimes are committed) we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship.