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Properly understood (and we do), imparting knowledge is one of the holy grails of communication. Making information accessible and converting it into knowledge combines communication strategy, deep didactics and form aspects.


The objective of any modern learning methodology focuses on intrinsic, experiential learning. The individualization of learning processes, procedures and learning goals is another big step forward.

These goals come within reach through a wide variety of web and app-based technologies available today. Following our philosophy, we use the entire technological spectrum to create captivating, more realistic learning experiences for most diverse target groups.

We would be happy to provide you with platform-based or platform-independent learning modules.

And we really shine when it comes to particularly complex content.

Micro Learning

Dividing educational material into multiple micro-courses is the perfect solution for short attention spans in learners. It involves the delivery of information in a concise, engaging, and inclusive format.

Mobile Learning

We develop all our solutions in a mobile-responsive format so that learning can continue in all environments. mLearning is the perfect solution for increasing course uptakes and improving learner results.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos created in various styles from 3D animation to motion graphics. They are the most effective way to communicate ideas to your audience.

VR, AR and 360 Experiences

Controllable interactive experiences maximize the users’ attention by providing them with the ability to choose their own path in branching scenarios, and many other interactions.

Blended Learning

Our team of learning architects and instructional designers create a blended approach to learning that includes a variety of the best practices from both on- and offline learning environments.


Hosts all your eLearning courses and track learner behavior. This can also include a variety of community elements such as chat rooms, leaderboards, and competitions.

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We are strategic problem solvers. The way in which we solve challenges is always subject to communication-strategic aspects – expressly not to a communication channel or technology that is predetermined too early. That is why our solutions are often surprising. And surprisingly efficient.

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